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Students face cold winter Employment

Top of the IT professional experience winter employment is misplaced or graduates of supply and demand mentality is not it?

"Difficult job", China Agricultural University, Institute of Information and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology Department of Cai-Xia Chen said that "the high expectations of students, but also a great disappointment." Information Engineering College of Capital Normal University, Ke-Jiang Xu and teachers that compared with previous years, "graduates of the overall trend is going down."

Top Professional Employment winter

Interview situation from school, students do not optimistic about the employment situation. Xiao-hu is the Kunming University of Science and Technology of professional graduates has been to graduate school period, he did not find work. According to Xiao-hu introduction, the students signed their class also accounts for about 20%. Beijing Jiaotong University, one student told reporters that 60% of this class of people found work, and the rest are either admitted to a graduate student, or choose to continue 鑰冪爺. Beijing Institute of Computer Science and Technology graduates Andy told us that they ban the current employment rate is 50%.

There are exceptions, some famous universities computer science graduates is relatively good. Information, Renmin University of China is responsible for career guidance teacher, Lin Yi told reporters: "Computer Science and Technology professional employment rate of graduates is now 75%, to end of the year is expected to reach 90%."

Furthermore, graduate students have a seller's market initiative. Communication and Information System, a Tsinghua University graduate student told reporters: "Most of our class into a foreign, can not find work that say no."

Consultant Senior Consultant Chang Tai Xun that companies like to recruit graduate students, one is Chinese and post-graduate level of psychological maturity and life experience, can reduce management costs; on the other hand, is also a graduate of project experience in enterprise value. "

Employment and female employment more difficult. Capital Normal University, Xu said: "The female employment is much more difficult than boys, and many units are specified as long as the boys. Some men are better can often three or four units are picking, but women are not recruited units recognition. "According to survey of Xiamen University, under the same conditions, employment opportunities for female graduates only male graduates, 87.7%. Many recruitment at many employers play the "boys only", "men first" recruitment conditions.

And employment difficulties accompanied by the naturally lower salaries. Talking about the difficult problem of employment, university graduates often been criticized as "attracted me," demanding high salaries, low pay units do not want to go. In the survey, reporter learned that this case has been quietly changing. CHEN Cai teacher said: "This year's graduates starting pay down the request, some students even if there are units to receive, no matter how much money is willing to go."

In May this year, CCTV "Dialogue" column a theme of "What Students missing - foreign papers," the program, Zhaopin CEO Liu Hao said: "Two years ago we conducted a survey of university graduates on their salary expectations , much higher than the company can give to the junior level salary. but we do this survey this year found that graduates with business expectations can give out the actual salary, basically the same. In other words, students are quick to adjust their own mentality, to meet market demand. "

Little Weighton is the People's University School of Information graduates, he signed a BI vendor, the probation period 2000 yuan / month. Asked about satisfaction with the job he felt was "normal."

Can be said that most of their graduates are not very satisfied with the initial salary, but they have no choice to accept, because the market was the case. According to Taihe new survey of college graduates class of 2006, the average IT salary is 2350 yuan / month, while the average salary in 2005 was 2668 yuan / month.

Zhang Xun said: "The salaries of college graduates this year, a slight decrease, but also slow down the decline. Previous years, IT companies have overestimated the value of the graduates, now payroll year in and year, are becoming less than expectations of graduates. on paid righting a wrong, but instead went to the other extreme, or not reached an equilibrium state. "

However, most of the graduate students that their work and reward "basically satisfied." Reporter visited found that communication and information systems Tsinghua University graduate students in the average graduate salary is about 8,000 yuan, the Chinese People's University, Beijing University of Posts and so the wages of college graduate students in 5000 to 10,000 yuan between. Agricultural University computer science graduate of the Tsao portal in China to do a programmer, a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan. "I hope the pay is the annual salary of 400,000." Tsao told reporters.

Get together and close competition cause

Computer science students after graduation must Quwang What IT industry? The data gathered reporters to do an analysis. China Agricultural University, Computer Science and Technology professionals have signed the tripartite agreement of 48 people, 22 were in the IT industry, software companies or website, representing 45.8% of the number of contract; other enterprises accounted for half. China People's University undergraduate computer science and technology classes to participate in the work of 29 people, 17 people into the IT sector, accounting for 58.6% of the number to work, another 12 people were chosen units of other properties, among which the financial industry To many, a total of six people into the banking system.

IT graduates to get together in large cities the situation is still serious. Kunming University of Science and Technology graduates little nonsense: "I'm soon going to Shanghai to find work. In fact, Kunming is not hard to find work, but many people prefer to go to class cities."

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the majority of graduates are still gathering the city. In particular, such as the Capital Normal University, Beijing biogenic majority of schools, students do not consider out of Beijing to find jobs. Communication and Information System of Tsinghua University graduate students, more than half choose to remain in Beijing for the rest of the students mainly went to Shanghai and Guangdong.

Cities of IT professionals "get together", a direct result of IT graduates face close competition.

The central and western regions and small cities still face the plight of the lack of personnel. Ministry of Personnel issued in March this year, demand for the 2006 survey report pointed out that the central and western regions of Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi'an three capital cities of the computer science and application of the demand for professionals of all demand in order first. However, due to geographical constraints and prospects, many graduates are still central and western regions to eastern cities and the first choice for employment.

Wo survey data, in the demand for IT talent, Beijing and Shanghai, the largest demand, but supply is also the largest. And some secondary cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing, although there is a demand, but many students do not like to stay in the area.

Zhang Xun expressed concern about this situation. "In fact, a number of foreign companies in R & D Centre will also like to set out in the secondary cities. Yinwei Beijing and Shanghai, Di competition is intense market has become increasingly saturated. Xiang Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, these areas are relatively Xihuan foreign investment 杩涘叆, but these Instead, the city's computer science students do not like to stay at the local, more likely to have developed the Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities run. this talent drain, in turn, has shaken the confidence of foreign companies into the two cities and determination, and big cities IT graduates surplus, which easily lead to a vicious cycle. "

In this regard, Zhang Xun recommended graduates attitude adjustment to the two cities to develop courage. "This will help to avoid vicious competition of talents to improve the supply and demand, maintaining balance, individuals, businesses and countries is beneficial."

Some software companies are also starting to prove the selection of graduates rational. Neusoft Indian Human Resources Minister Li Gao says: "Neusoft recruit graduates mainly from Xi'an, Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan and Beijing, Shandong and other foreign universities. We hope that these new staff quickly corrected successes impetuous attitude, do not be too idealistic, do solid work, the rapid integration into the working environment. "

Dislocation of supply and demand

Employment is no demand for IT industry What?

Personnel Bureau in Beijing this year, "issued by Beijing in 2006 the introduction of non-biogenic shortage of graduates from professional directory", the computer science and technology, information and communication systems, computer application technology and computer software professionals top the popular list. Major IT professionals in 14 accounts for a shortage of 4 seats. Moreover, according to a survey ChinaHR in Shanghai and Guangzhou, computer and information services positions in the number of posts were all accounted for 20.68% and 20.18%.

According to worry Zhaopin and future data such as recruitment agencies, as of the end of June, IT sector needs a total of 84,382 jobs, with the beginning of the year more than 50,000 jobs compared to demand, in the month, the number of posts throughout the IT industry growth nearly 30,000. While the number of IT graduates speaking, on the whole, the computer professional is the largest professional, the existing 771 disciplines, a total of more than 440,000 school students, ranking first in the profession.

One side is an urgent need for IT personnel, while the number of school computer science students a large supply. However, both the buyer and seller did not form a harmonious situation.

Employment many students confused. Central University of Nationalities of the trees graduated last year, but this year they will find work. "Easy payment, low, high-wage work is very tired. The direction of the computer a lot, very competitive, want to get fully fit its own direction is not easy." Tree said. Kunming University of Xiao-hu has the same confusion: "big companies feel that we lack a solid foundation; small business efficiency, the value our practical ability." Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a two-year graduates who have been working very straightforward: "dream job and a great gap between real needs. To put it plainly, the knowledge learned in school to the community Meisha use, all had to learn from scratch."

The employment business is too real. IBM Greater China Talent and Learning Director of Human Resources Mr Mao Gong said: "The graduates of the training costs than non-graduates is much higher, and they soon return to the company's small, so relatively high cost of the short term. "Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. Human Resources Manager of the original Yu-Ling stressed:" The graduates are good quality, but there is still lack of experience. These new employees are mainly to do technical support, customer service, etc., need strong communication skills and acting according to circumstances, and they have to be improved in this respect. "

Although the IT industry is a lack of people, but the company does not feel cheap to use the graduates a monthly salary of graduates. For enterprises, a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan and 3,500 yuan makes no difference. The key is the high cost of management graduates, including training, psychological counseling, and various aspects of the transition costs. Enterprises will not blindly recruit graduates do not meet their conditions, they become more utilitarian, requiring new employees on the grassland, and do not look at whether it can bring long-term value, but look at whether a short-term value.

Dislocation of supply and demand caused by this reason, we point to the word of a speech to our existing education system.

A portal to a new national online survey, 1,500 respondents, 55% believed that the education system is not suited to the needs of society, only 10% of people considered to be excess personnel or college students attracted me, the difficult employment of college students.
The book has been discredited in the no-yu, the book is no longer a house of gold. The picture shows the scene outside a job fair appeared lost college students

Computer Colleges increasingly subjected to the traditional business education model torture. Neusoft Indian Human Resources Minister Li Gao told reporters: "Neusoft is now sorely lacking is the senior technical personnel, such as system architects, designers and consultants and so on. Also have technical experience and good foreign language skills of personnel is the most popular. large number of graduates now, but you could satisfy both the quality of talent is limited. we need is people get started quickly, but imposed a universal college education, and business requirements that Precision in a field short of the requirements. "

Jack Gao, vice president of Autodesk also said: "We emphasize that the information industry, especially creative or innovative, we must continue to create whimsy. But we communicate in the process, and some graduates find themselves thinking more conservative, which is today's education system has raised new demands. "

Speaking of the quality of training students, Information, Renmin University of China Lin Yi teachers felt some regrets: "Our graduates in the study areas is good, but basic capabilities in Zhuan Ye Shang's temper side also impatient. Teacher with a past students to do projects, but now teachers are too concerned about academic research, and this affects the students opportunities to practice. In addition, the school does not establish a practice base and employment base, which led to senior students lack the social practice. "

Three hard to bridge the gap

According to CCTV, "Oriental Horizon" and Zhaopin 2006 jointly launched large-scale survey of graduate career, When asked "what employers value most job seekers", the 57.8% of the employers first look at the "social practice and part-time internship circumstances ", followed by" professional "(44%)," Graduate school "(28%)," English, computer and other level "(21.6%), only 3.5% of the employers will first look at the graduates" in school performance . "

Social practice and practical work experience in terms of university graduates just out of school is a valuable asset. Participation in social practice and more, more experienced graduates, employers are often the preferred target. A graduate of the University of Posts and Telecommunications Beijing told reporters: "If more than one year of internship experience and programming experience, the more can cause the employer's interest."

Zhang Xun that the IT industry to solve the talent shortage and the employment of IT graduates embarrassing predicament needs students, businesses and schools through the joint efforts. "Students should be more proactive, more involved in the project during the after-school program, as soon as possible into society."

Capital Normal University, Xu told the reporter, school years, attaches great importance to graduate students in internships. Schools and businesses signed an agreement to create a good internship opportunities to students and the environment, to accumulate practical experience of students and actively letting a little earlier than they did with the society, understand the society and the cruelty of competition for jobs. Xu has repeatedly stressed: "Practice is the job of the 'preview', is a social worker from the work of students to the mentality of the transition."

The recruitment of graduates in 2006 is not over, some well-known IT companies will not wait to start the 2006 summer internship program, competing to recruit students in 2007 session of talents. BBS in the major universities, Microsoft's "trip leader" internship program, IBM's "Blue Road" project, Legend of the LCP program has attracted the attention of many IT students. Digital China is a good appetite, at the end of June announced that it will recruit 600 trainees, including 300 star a chance to formal staff. Well-known enterprises in turn opened the fight for talent.

Zhang Xun-business internship program that was sure, but he stressed that the project business and university collaboration and communication and coordination. "IT companies in fact very interested in cooperation with the university. By working together, enterprises can make full use of university resources, and student quality have a more objective understanding. On the other hand, universities can work together to understand the needs of society, in the materials , configure and update courses also have a better reference, after all, IT industry development speed and product updates too quickly. "
Employment, employment of female graduates even more difficult.

Mr ENERGY that can achieve three-win-win practice. "For students, better access to the company to better plan their career direction; For businesses, there is an earlier understanding of the students the opportunity to recruit talent for the future Be prepared in advance; while on school for this internship program will enable schools and business interaction in the design of curricula can be better co-ordination, so as to achieve better integration with the school community. "

India Gao Li said: "Neusoft is strengthening cooperation with the university. We have developed a personnel training program, undergraduate students at institutions of higher learning in science and engineering through centralized training of fresh, targeted jobs, the completion of the appropriate technical personnel to add jobs for students Before entering the community is not able to have a better understanding of the Neusoft to play quickly after graduate posts their own values. "

Cadbury Schweppes, General Manager of Human Resources, Greater China Yuan Cao Yong believes that the role of the employer market, the ultimate self-regulation to address IT manpower needs of the dislocation. "Student employment is ultimately resolved by the market. Now there is gap between students with business, there will come a number of institutions, students and business services to provide good enough to solve this problem."

Link: IT job trends concern

We are in a transition period, while the change will bring opportunities and uncertainties. The key to success is to plan ahead.

Hot summer is drinking cold drinks, do some in-depth career planning the perfect time. The following is a short list to begin this process:

The rise of managed WAN services. Several large companies, including some I think it is the leader of the company, are cut staff 75% of the WAN, particularly in the field of daily network operations personnel.

Why? As more and more operators to provide reliable managed services WAN, WAN has become a commodity. Recently, several high-level manager told me: "I do not want to engage in WAN operations daily work."

Sounds terrible, but for a certain network engineers, not necessarily a bad thing.

Indeed, if your main value of the company that you can explain the router command, you may need to start carefully read the recruitment ads. However, if you are a bit WAN biggest names, you will be willing to join the architecture team, because it will become more important.

If you are good at understanding and communication technology, you may wish to consider the area of vendor management or procurement positions. Finally, you may wish to consider one of the following areas, most IT departments are increasing the number of personnel in these areas.

Budding real-time collaboration. No matter how large or small businesses are coming up with collaborative fashion, a growing number of companies recently appointed manager responsible for coordination of services to prove this point. "Collaboration Services" vice president of an increasingly popular titles - and these guys are fast team building. If you are familiar with, like Microsoft's Live Communications Server, Cisco's unified Personal Communicator, as well as from Nortel, Avaya, Shoretel, and other manufacturers of similar products, you may wish to consider entering areas of collaboration.

Data centers are evolving. An exciting change is the emergence of the data center architect. Data center designers are responsible for the management of data center equipment and all aspects of planning (facilities, HVAC, networking, security, management) team. Some of the most interesting technologies being deployed in data centers, this is an ambitious network of staff who leaves a wake of a good place.

Information management development momentum is fierce. Leaders began to seriously invest in information management - This is an end to end management of company information in the art and science. Areas of expertise include information related to data security protection, compliance and business continuity.

The growing importance of project management expertise. Any successful project management track record with people who can be found in the areas mentioned above, be fully utilized - whether a WAN deployment, Shishi collaboration deployment, integration of data Zhongxin (or Kuozhan) or information management 璁″垝.


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