Sunday, October 10, 2010

Domestic long road CAXA CAD lead the way down to earth

If economic globalization, China's manufacturing industry wide open space for development, manufacturing information leading to the door of this room, then the CAD / CAM software is the key to that door is open. Our CAD / CAM technology research started in the 80's, but it was only a few large enterprises, research institutes and some universities to participate, progress is slow, CAD software piracy abroad quickly occupied the domestic market. Into the nineties, made CAD launched its own brand, such as CAXA electronic board CAD software, Chinese Academy of Sciences Keith PICAD so completely self-developed software gradually emerges, the introduction of domestic self-CAD brand to contain the foreign CAD software in the Chinese market monopoly, to domestic development of CAD software, has laid a solid foundation. However, a long time, China's CAD software industry software piracy in the foreign environment of dumping to survive.

Since 2002, foreign software companies Autodesk began to crack down on "piracy," the name of some companies delivered quickly by, "I promise" to use non-genuine AutoCAD software enterprises to use legitimate software. October 2002, the Supreme Court case on the trial of civil disputes of copyright law applicable to the interpretation of a number of issues, provide for the use of pirated software companies will be subject to civil penalties. Many provinces and municipalities have issued the relevant documents to AutoCAD piracy issues on special law enforcement inspection, found the facts to give legitimate software piracy market price of 2-5 times the fine. States gradually increased piracy enforcement and inspection efforts and enterprises have increased the purchase of genuine two-dimensional CAD software investment. In particular, some foreign-funded enterprises in China. As the high price of AutoCAD software, the operating costs for these companies poses challenges. Therefore, more and more enterprises turning to a relatively well-made cost-effective two-dimensional CAD software. Therefore, the domestic two-dimensional CAD software in recent years a new turn for the better. Domestic manufacturers have introduced a new two-dimensional CAD new, addition, foreign firms UGS, Think3, SolidWorks launched a free two-dimensional such as CAD. China ushered in the so-called two-dimensional CAD market, "the third wave."

Two-dimensional CAD software technology have been very mature, and its application is extremely popular, has become an indispensable tool for today's product development. Together since 2006 to actively promote corporate genuine state of the work of the international environment is also very concerned about this progress, so the use of legitimate businesses CAD software has become the trend, genuine CAD market environment continued to improve. However, in recent years, new-made two-dimensional CAD software, IntelliCAD most to the development platform. According to incomplete statistics, since 2000 developed two-dimensional CAD vendors such as Hao Chen, Wei-Heng, Jie Hui, Chinese way, in the hope so, basically are based on the IntelliCAD platform, the second development, the formation of two-dimensional CAD products ; Even with independent knowledge of the early products of two-dimensional CAD vendors (such as open orders, Exeter, etc.) also turned to the platform software vendors have to give up its own characteristics and by category AutoCAD platform IntelliCAD, would have been understandable, after all, a number of AutoCAD The emergence of substitute products enables businesses to do this little pocket, but we uniform are built on the IntelliCAD platform, made the total people on the development of CAD software, there are some hidden feelings.

It is true that technically made compatible with AutoCAD two-dimensional CAD data and use habits are very important, but if only in the form of to blindly imitate AutoCAD, and can not really meet the needs of users, from two-dimensional CAD technology trends , two-dimensional CAD applications will no longer just an isolated stand-alone tool. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD CAD bound to have more integration with PLM, ERP and other integrated systems have more integration with a variety of professional applications with more integration. Users will be because the design of the development of a higher efficiency, easier integration and management system. Therefore, only really two-dimensional CAD before these points in the market lived. Completely self-developed CAD software CAXA electronic board in the manufacturing sector has a very broad user base, but also for many years on the CAD market, evergreen, and the last two years the product has maintained growth of more than 50%, which fully confirms user needs a product of the market situation.

CAD and PLM software as a domestic leader, CAXA seize this opportunity or advantage of the strategy:

In the user application level, CAXA electronic board CAD software development today, has more than 100,000 licensed software users, and are mainly concentrated in manufacturing. Over the years a large number of user applications has proven CAXA electronic board CAD software usability, practicality and reliability.

R & D level, CAXA electronic board CAD software is completely independent development of independent innovation products (not rely on any class of third-party open source code for AutoCAD). CAXA not only have full intellectual property rights, and to grasp all the core technologies and market demand, strong sustained development and innovation.

In the functional level, in addition to the usual two-dimensional graphics capabilities and operational practices compatible with AutoCAD data and the characteristics of outside, CAXA electronic board CAD software still works marked by continuous innovation, the latest professional gallery, gallery custom extension, the manufacturing sector habits and standards, list serial numbers associated with the size-driven, three-dimensional model interfaces, BOM summary, puzzle printing and support of the PLM integration of specific functions have a distinct competitive advantage.

In support level, CAXA has been focusing on training and service, with hundreds of professional and technical engineers, can provide effective and timely services and support. CAXA wish to provide to users of alternative products is not only AutoCAD, more through technical and professional services to clients with Wen Ti, Chuangzao values and help customers better to build on his Shuzi design manufacturing R & D platform products to enhance Zhizao Ye Qi Ye innovative and collaborative management.

CAXA is currently developing a new generation of two-dimensional CAD, and plans to 2008. The product, which inherited the existing CAXA electronic board CAD software, advantages and features, and advantages of the latest R & D, it also supported, in particular the integration of CAD and 3D ---- The product can be used as two independent dimensional CAD, 3D CAD can be used as a module to achieve the integration of two-dimensional three-dimensional CAD, 3D CAD users that can use two-dimensional CAD data, two-dimensional CAD can directly use the 3D CAD data. Of course, the product will also provide more integration of the PLM system, such as application development and professional support.

Copyrighted software in the CAD made today, CAXA always uphold the concept of software services to manufacturing. One reason is that the manufacturing market is huge, much larger than the engineering design industry, but also because the manufacturing industry is the pillar industry of our nation, the demand for two-dimensional CAD is also very strong. CAXA electronic board CAD software view of the increasing popularity of history in a sense be said to be made popular CAD application process, its popularity does not depend on a vigorous market rally, but the application is successful the user through the user's reputation and accurate positioning. CAD in helping businesses easily, while licensed software, CAXA as a leading PLM solutions and services provider, has a series of CAD, CAPP, CAM, DNC, PDM, MPM and other PLM software products and solutions, covering industry information design, engineering, production and management of four major areas. As of 2007, has sold more than 250,000 sets of legitimate software. This is also the rapid development of many domestic and foreign manufacturing companies have chosen to CAXA as a strategic partner of important reasons. CAXA has been working through professional services, and enterprises to establish long-term partnership for users to obtain effective basis and form their own core competence, in this sense, the user's success is the supplier of success, but user-made software key to establishing confidence.

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