Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Class is the Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean, is hard to find all operators dream. Create a new class of it, is the new class of blue ocean!

Now people know that the Earth's Wong Lo Kat in the four years 2003 to 2006, invested five million, total sales of 8 billion, output ratio of up to 16 times, the brand value jumped to 2.244 billion yuan.

Why drink almost completely annihilated in the domestic situation, Wong Lo Kat was able to have sprung up everywhere, all the way singing? Because it is the first in the minds of consumers to build a new class of anti-lit drinks. If you spend money to do the same pure water or juice, but even the survival of the problem. Similarly, Coca-Cola then renamed the treatment of common cold medicine called Coke, for daily refreshing, so a new drink was born. It is no longer the number of features not safe drug, it becomes a unique Coca-Cola has now become the king of the brand.

Many people believe that the fundamental task of market competition is to make potential customers believe that you can provide better products or services. This is not true, if you only have a small market share, and had to compete with larger, more powerful competitors, then your marketing strategy may be at the beginning is wrong. It is so many companies work hard, put all the hope and effort spent on how to better than the competitors above, the result is ultimately difficult to surpass rivals, fought fight in the "Red Sea" in.

In the real market, in each category are full of existing competitors, the market is trying to carve a piece of cake from the things around, or use the new class appears to create an uncertain new world of opportunity where are side?

The facts tell us: "First," better than "better." Create a new class, preconceptions in the minds of consumers than to make people believe you can provide better than the product's first product to be much easier.

Well-known competitive strategy expert Michael? Porter summed up from a lot of practice, three kinds of competitive strategy to win: "overall cost leadership," "differentiation strategy" and "specific strategy," "Blue Ocean Strategy" is no turning back said: want to win in the competition, the only way is not only a defeat opponents. To win in the future, companies must stop competing, open blue sea, into the field without competition!

Create a new class is to achieve "differentiation strategy", "specific strategy" and achieve "no competition" strategy, specific and effective shortcut! Is a shortcut to gain a competitive advantage! Is beyond the competition's way out!

Hukouduoshi dangerous, then they have created a new product category, open blue ocean market, its first exclusive exclusive!

In 2000, many for whom the fruit juice business is also thicker and purer loves the exhilaration too, the unity of orange and more silence PET bottles to create a new class of non-pure fruit juice, the result, the product has just one side City, immediately popular anomaly, so that the mouth of the thick paste of pure fruit juice companies were stunned; in 2003, Hualong Group ranks in the food giant's instant noodles market "out of thin air" to open up a "play side" of the market, with annual sales of 6.0 billion package of record instantaneously from rural to urban brand promotion and strategic transformation, the unified crowd behind and become instant noodles of her second child; Red Bull first came to China occupies the functional beverage category and become the first brand, then the functional beverage eventually disappeared; big thanks to the original production of plug is walnut, almond, if engaged in dew, even primitive Hutoushan produced does not work, because this category has long been firmly occupied Chengde Lolo, enjoys popular support.

Some people worry, and create new categories will be paving stone, made martyrs. In fact, can avoid this risk, one should not venture into the market requires a lot of market education and supporting the market, such as the year's 10 000 Yan VCD machine, the second largest market is to be as fast as possible, and also the crucial point To quickly spread, first to enter the hearts of consumers, it is often more important than the occupation of the market. Otherwise, when the market followers and even those who disrupt the counterfeit audio-visual, mixed project consumers can not identify the fish category, the only cast aside the entire category.

Innovation category, enter the blue ocean, in fact, face to avoid excessive competition. If your brand is the pioneer category, your brand is doomed to be the leading brand. When competitors to join, it will also reinforce your first awareness.

The product itself, Coca-Cola is just an easy imitation of sugar, but cola in the public mind to occupy the first step and therefore the value of the U.S., this is your bottle of brown matter to the water do have instead of how realistic can not. Cola in the city are also dry, but the total Coca-Cola, the reason here.

When your brand is the first brand new class, it is widely considered the originators, authentic and Pioneer, and is the best. When violation of your areas of other brands, they are granted that is an imitation product. White with black to create a sub-service day and night cold medicine pills new different, now, can you be a kind of white with black cold movie? Even if the state allows some people to believe? Chengde Lolo has long been almost a product support the world, not the other marketing Tips, is a powerful force because category. Master Kong is the mainland in the first category to establish the first brand of instant noodles in Taiwan, much larger than its original unity, can not surpass the Master Kang has been in the mainland, is this law at work.

Innovation is the marketing category in the fundamental innovation. If you are the first type of product, it should strive to create a class can make you a market "first" product category.鏃犳暟鐨勮惀閿?簨瀹炶瘉鏄庯紝浣犺姳鍐嶅ぇ鐨勫姏姘旈兘涓嶅浣犲彂鐜颁竴涓搧绫诲競鍦烘潵寰楀揩锛屼竴涓柊鍝佺被甯傚満寮?嫇涔嬮檯锛屾剰鍛崇潃涓?釜棰嗚鍝佺墝璇炵敓涔嬫椂銆傝豹涓嶅じ寮犲湴璇达紝鍙戠幇鍜屽垱閫犱竴涓柊鍝佺被锛屼环鍊艰儨杩囨墦5000涓囧箍鍛婅垂!

銆??涓浗甯傚満瀛樺湪澶ч噺鐨勫搧绫绘満浼?璋佽兘鐜囧厛鐢ㄥ搧鐗屽崰鎹搧绫伙紝璋佸氨鑳借幏寰楁渶澶х殑鍚嶅埄锛岃皝灏辫兘鍚庢潵灞呬笂銆?br />


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