Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How in the short term CMM2-goal?

Of many organizations in the implementation of the CMM? Model when the challenge is how fast to implement, they are most concerned about is how in the shortest possible time to achieve the CMM2 grade level. Many enterprises have questions about this issue: our company can be completed within a year or less CMM implementation it? The answer is absolutely, definitely - maybe? In fact, the only effective way to test your level of organization is to use the CMM model and the organization are compared, using the methods listed below can help you understand your organizational maturity level, and from how far your ultimate goal. We offer the following solutions may help you speed up the realization of your goals.
- Organization of the morale of your organization have clear goals and develop the appropriate implementation of the CMM program? CMM implementation of management know what will bring business benefits and difficulties? Does each department to support the implementation of CMM? Whether there is sufficient confidence to support the entire implementation process?
- Documentation files and programs you have implemented and the definition of CMM 2 it? In the course of implementation there is sufficient evidence available to ensure the implementation of the complex nature of it? You are promising each new team member to provide adequate guidance and confirm that he (she) they need to do? You have to clearly define the person responsible for each stage of it? Each stage provides the corresponding time and order it? In the implementation process to achieve CMM Level 2 maturity model of the entire cycle, documents play a crucial role. And each file must be complete.
- Training is every relevant personnel are trained in CMM? Training and understanding of the implementation of CMM? Is driven by corporate interests? They are steps in accordance with their respective responsibilities document? Two key processes training, participants must include project managers, software configuration management, software quality assurance manager, and software subcontract manager. Enterprises must recognize that the process of implementing the CMM, each participants will be based on their ability to play a particular role. Remember we have to ensure that the key management personnel responsible for each project must have received relevant training in the CMM and to clarify their respective responsibilities.
- When your enterprise resources in the implementation of demand management, project management and software configuration management, you have the appropriate resources to define the CMM? Enforceability of the process it? You have assigned to review and file the documents and document professional preparation steps? To avoid misleading the project team, other participants have the correct reporting guidelines? If you sub-contract for software development, software you have designated a special sub-contracted to people? The corresponding software in the implementation of CMM development plan and related procedures, to provide adequate resources to ensure smooth implementation.
- The time when institutionalized in the implementation of the final test to encounter these problems if your team is made under the procedural requirements relevant solutions? You will be asked to prove that at least three to five projects are under CMM2-level program to implement. Program evaluation of the time must be consistent with the project schedule. And provide evidence of the progress of your project implementation towards a favorable direction of the CMM.
The following is a system out in the software process improvement (SPI) in different areas of professional procedures, you can choose for you the appropriate steps to implement CMM2 level.
The initial diagnosis - the initial diagnosis of a clear definition of organizational software will help improve the situation and major shortcomings and advantages. Help you understand the CMM? Meaning. Then working party of experts under the diagnostic tools (SPI'n Action) Review your project and process documentation in identifying organizational deficiencies. Assessment and other advisory bodies are different, we will be calculated by the results of the activities to improve your organization's software, the best path and time.
Software Process Improvement Consulting - Our experts have defined the various life cycle stages of software development has a wealth of professional experience and case base has been formed to support, our pride and trust in the organization platform of the original document on the transformation of CMM ISO9001 file. This will greatly shorten the improved process efficiency.
Process evaluation - the process of regular assessment enables organizations to understand how to quickly repair the defects, make an organization more easily understand how to achieve CMM? 2-goal. Meanwhile, the ability to assess the implementation of the software more valuable.
Software Capability Assessment - In order to implement a consistent CMM? Ability to improve the assessment of status, SEI authorized the Director of SEI authorized appraisers and other experts will conduct an official of the software capability assessment workshop.
Some like the above information applies to be effective in the short term the organization. The infrastructure necessary for these organizations is very stable and clear definition of CMM? Goals; strong management support; each of the processes and procedures comply with all the key process areas CMM2 level; each trained personnel to effectively carry out their respective duties; adaptation process all documents requirements, in the case of these conditions are met, ESI's experts can help this organization be successful in the short term.

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