Thursday, September 23, 2010

LUAN Yun Feng: Jun Tang speculation is not the so-called master

Recently, a lot of things should be written, there are many things to think should be thorough, but because of time, has failed to properly think about it, did not have time to write. 19, I am in Tokyo, Japan, a large software company in Japan to discuss the next day, but also with the Japanese management elite discuss management issues. The gap in this moment, I caused the recent series of events because of, simply write it down.

Business management sector, the Internet industry, including major media, from September to the beginning of the month, we talk out of two more things, at least in this month, I met executives always ask I am the subject of these two things, first, what happens after Kai-fu Lee, and second, why the gold and the software to do Tang Jun director. Perhaps the two things I have relations with it, because this year I have been talking about the broad definition of entrepreneurship, but also as YBC and the "young entrepreneurs of the Strong" business mentor, so Kai-fu Lee is doing something, everyone want from third-party answer, which I can not comment further, just as I Kai-fu Lee in Shanghai First Financial with the interviews, I was in front of Kai-fu Lee's side said publicly that we do not Kai-fu Lee deification, which he did not What are the benefits of open complex as a former president of Google China, but also a common professional managers, not because he served as president of Google China wanted too much, not to mention he is now an ordinary entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs are is difficult, there are risks, the success rate is a percentage, we should give him a liberal business environment, and even allow Kai-fu Lee in the business process problems that may arise, not too much criticism.

Jun Tang to the payments on the company as director of the comments caused controversy, about me, I do not say, only about Tang Jun, the Internet overwhelming comments, I think I still have to show my point of view. Jun Tang gold and do find a director to do because the gold and management software, now have to enter the world market, Jun Tang to help me, so simple, why do I give someone else can, please Tang Jun will not work, there is so much talk, discuss what is not no, but please do not go talk to the personality aspect, because of insufficient understanding of speculation. To be prudent, the last month I did not say, why? Because, although I have had good relations with Tang Jun, also more understanding of each other, but no specific thing, after all, worked together, but today I can say, I to tell us the facts, Jun Tang, not some people think, is a master of his own speculation, will a show, and so on, through my personal understanding, Jun Tang is a very pragmatic person, to my feeling, he practical to many of us difficult to understand, can not understand the point.

October 14, 2009, gold and software companies in Beijing headquarters, the board held a gold and software, the new director of Mr. Tang Jun as gold and of course, also attended the meeting, this is his first gold of the Board of Directors, I through meeting with him, I feel that he is even better than I. The Board of Directors is carried out on time 10:00, Jun Tang did not let me arrange car to the airport to pick him up, but his five minutes in advance arrived in my office during the meeting, Tang Jun did not want to even tea, white water to drink. Beginning of the meeting, I spent 20 minutes on the subject of the Board of Directors, Jun Tang to speak first application, there is no point virtual conversation, then immediately to business. The key is that he is not only simple language, but also talked about very specific, for each piece of work, both from the macro level about the specific operations, but also I was very surprised and pleasantly surprised. Unexpectedly, Jun Tang to the actual operation of the enterprise so skilled, surprise, the Tang Jun will not only help me sort out strategy, the tactics can be discussed is the object, this great. Through the meetings, and the Sina interview on Jun Tang to do things I want to tell a friend reservations, Jun Tang is a very practical people to work, perhaps because he is too pragmatic, and it is usually because he is not that we have seen, the understanding of celebrity, his ideas and views, may give us some of his work do not understand, only that he is in the hype themselves.

We Jun Tang, and Kai-fu Lee, as a number of more common view, it may all have better, more appropriate time I will work together with Tang Jun situation to tell you, so that we can have a more comprehensive Tang Jun understanding.

Above: October 14 to attend the Board of Directors reserves and software, the right side, respectively Jun Tang, Lai Maosheng (Department of Information Management System Specialist, PhD supervisor), real options, corporate (Tsinghua University, corporate finance, business model expert, PhD Instructor)

Above: Board site

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